US Bound: Japan’s Doraemon Ready to Take on the American Market

For those of you who are not too familiar with the infamous Japanese created blue robotic cat Doraemon, you are in for treat as I’ve provided some background information into this amazing character below to give you a good base as you start on your journey to becoming a fan.

The story of Doraemon revolves around the main character whose name is Nobita. This is a young boy, a fourth grader to be exact, who attends classes in Nerima ward in Tokyo. Nobita is an only child of the Nobi family who has so many shortcomings. Doraemon acts as a companion and also helper as he comes to Nobita’s aid when the boy gets himself into trouble in school or with the friends. A typical day for this character, Nobita, starts with late arrivals for his classes, being scolded by the teacher, getting an average score of zero in the class tests given, being bullied and also intimidated by some of his classmates, dogs running after him, and last but not least, the mom having to haul over the coals due to his poor performance academically and also his laziness. Despite all these, Nobita still has some talents that are unique in nature, for example, the excellent marksmanship that is only second to none. Although this character has been portrayed in Doraemon as being a coward in nature, he often goes off the line so that he can save the lives of others, which also includes the whole civilization.

There are three companies from Japan that are credited for the production of this anime series and they hold copyrights of the same. These companies are TV Asahi, Shinei Animation, and also The Fujiko. F Fujio Production. These three companies are trying to produce Doraemon’s English version by contracting the anime series to the studios in America. In fact, the television premier of this anime is going to air in July in the US. However Oricon Style, a website, has already reported that the anime is going to undergo changes from its original version. The anime will be changed and adapted for the American culture and also customs, the harsh violence guidelines, discrimination depictions and also the interpretation of the anime’s sexual content will be different. What’s more, the setting of the anime will be changed from the original setting in Japan to a place in America, which is fictional though.

Interesting enough, Doraemon is among the top 5 animes that are most popular in the cartoon TV kind of shows. So you can be sure that watching this anime series is not at all a waste of your time. And with the introduction to American TV coming soon, those of you wanting to jump on the bandwagon early, I recommend you to visit this Japanese anime store online for all Doraemon-related gear and other Anime Merchandise.

Well, hold on to your socks folks, as the upcoming launch of Doraemon into the US is sure to be an exciting ride!

Doraemon & Nobita

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