Not Your Average iPhone Case

Brass Knuckles iPhone Case

If you don’t, someone you know has an iPhone and of course iPhone case to go with it. I’ve searched the world wide web looking for some peculiar entries when it comes to accessorizing your iPhone case. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section after reading through my post.

If you can figure out an iPhone which saves you the trouble of working around with a meter or so long charging cable, a case of your choice is already retailing. The Prong PocketPlug® case comes affixed with a power outlet at only $69. The charging plug can be folded into the back of the case once the charging is complete. The case comes in four colors: white, pink, red and blue. In addition it has a micro USB plug in for using with compliant devices.

For those who love scaring others, here comes Otterbox’s iPhone 5 Commuter series 3D casing® with the shape of a human skull. Together with its slimy color resembles a zombie out of the woods. At only $44.95 it sure to scare the hell out of passersby.

EnerPlux Surfr® case is a must for iPhone users planning to be out in the jungle for extended periods of time. One only needs daylight to keep the phone going. It comes in a black-orange design with an extra-large solar panel that can prolong the battery life for an extra lifetime of the battery. It might sound bogus but it is real for only $100.

Brass Knuckles® iPhone 5 Case is one of a kind. Imagine working around with an iPhone popping out of your breast pocket in the shape of a brass knuckle. It looks so but it is actually a plastic model so that you do not go around threatening bullies twice your body size. It comes in a variety of colors and others come with interesting designs such as speckled rhinestones designed to send chills to a potential intruder. It only drains your pocket for as little as $7.99.

Readycase® is a multitasking tool for iPhone. It houses a USB stick, headphones and a kickstand and a lens all packaged into a tiny 3mm cage. The USB stick can be used to serve as a kickstand when not in use. A multitool is also included in the kit which can serve as a bottle opener, screwdriver and a blade. The lens is used for your enhance the iPhone camera’s field of view. From as low as $45 you can purchase one and let your phone join the crazy list.

Fake Food Japan’s food prop iPhone 5 cases and plastic food iPhone cases are sure to be the topic of discussion at the dinner table when you whip out your iPhone and place it on the dining room table for all to enjoy. Handmade in Japan, these cases will make your mouth water but for sure don’t start digging into it as your stomach may regret it later.

These are just but a few others include Dokkiri® hand case, CollabCubed Earonic iPhone 4 Case®, Monster Fur Cover, Etch-A-Sketch® Case and many others.

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