Nobunaga Oda’s Place in 16th Century Japan


Nobunaga Oda was a great man to in every essence of the word. He possessed a ‘Public House’ just the same as the one found in United States’ White House or Tokyo’s Imperial Palace whose purpose was to entertain guests and highly regarded people close to him such as the leaders of the various Sengoku era clans. He really respected and liked guests and other special individuals who originated from foreign nations and even some from other Japanese areas in the mountainous regions of the country. He had a sober mind as well as a great vision on what he had faith in, and fired ahead wholeheartedly for the purpose of the vision he had from the first during his humble beginnings.


Most importantly, what requires to be noted here is not all about the facts concerning his astute vision but rather the constant trust and belief his vision had and the great support he wielded to find and get it. What mattered here was not whether this man was right in what he was doing or not, but generally how he achieved greatness among his peers based on his revolutionary ideas that made those under him respect him so highly. His outstanding accomplishments teaches individuals nowadays more about the power that his vision carried and what is truly possible once you put your mind to it. Leaders today can emulate him and become great leaders in whatever they do. Even you can as well be part of the winning team and make yourself be exactly as you’ve dreamed who you want to be as long as the vision of change reigns within you.

This is who Nobunaga Oda was and what he stood for. The carry on his spirit within oneself, look no further than this selection of Sengoku jidai clothes where you can show your pride of this great leader all day and every day.

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